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What if logistics ceased to be a field that is so demanding on human resources and requires dozens of phone calls and endless paperwork to function? What if, against the backdrop of a perfectly functioning and automated system, there was a platform that connected carriers with customers to make the truck ordering process as fast and efficient as possible, saving time and costs?

Qest helped startup ShipVio build a system that allows users to choose their shipment carriers according to their specific requirements and connects users requesting transportation directly with carriers.






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A hole in the market

People nowadays prefer speed, clarity and security. What was missing in the market was a product that could effectively connect demanders with carriers. The main idea of the project is to fundamentally simplify and speed up the process of ordering and realization of shipments and to get rid of intermediaries, companies overselling shipments.

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A platform that allows you to connect shippers with customers. Customers can request transportation within the exchange and choose from verified carriers to transport their shipment. At the same time, they can track where the shipment is currently located and thus schedule a pickup at a given time. Carriers get transparent contracts and fast payment for their services.



We have designed an intuitive interface for a wide user base. The choice of technology was influenced by the need to react quickly and flexibly to developments and changes according to customer requirements. The server execution part needed to be built on a robust Azure platform.



We created three apps for each platform. Within ShipVio, we built a web app, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and a website. The apps have an easy-to-use interface, display a comprehensive list of inquiries, customer, carrier and driver ratings, and allow for live chat between driver and shipper, in addition to tracking shipment movements via GPS. Everything is connected to a common cloud.


The first comprehensive system

We were right at the birth of ShipVio two years ago, when the design of the whole project was just a few sentences on a piece of paper. What followed was product definition, analysis and user testing that showed us the direction to take in building the system. It was our first comprehensive system. Today we have completed the second version. The ShipVio project was awarded as the best European startup at the Startup World Cup Prague 2017 and came 4th in the global round. ShipVio is still growing, expansion is on the way and we are happy to be part of it.





Azure, .NET

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