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Qest is adventure. Coding is art, which beauty lies under the surface. We are explorers in the infinite world of applications and software systems. We dive in to the deeps, so we can bring exceptional solutions to every client. Our code has irreplaceable taste: precise, tuned, based on mutual understanding. We provide unique experience to the user with our neat, intuitive and perfectly functional software. We create beauty and perfection under the surface. What's important, is invisible.

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CSO, Co-FounderRadek Alenka
CTO, developerRadim Štěpaník
HRLinda Hubičková
Leader, Product OwnerAnna Kratochvílová
Co-founder, software architectZdeněk Dršťák
Fullstack developerPepa Vidlák
Fullstack developerDan Zatloukal

Where can you hear and see us?

We don't just play on our own turf and we are happy to share our know-how at public events such as Qeetup. We also publish our own Qcast podcast about modern technology and programming.



Qcast is a podcast produced by the developer company Qest. It is intended for everyone who is interested in modern programming trends. The podcast is hosted by Radim Štěpaník, full-stack programmer and CTO of Qest.

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Articles from the software company Qest technologies. Interviews with people, our experience with technology or interesting facts from everyday work on projects.


Qeetup is a developer meetup for developers by Qest developers. No matter your knowledge, age or religion, what matters is your passion for programming. At Qeetup, we want to share that passion. We want to talk about knowledge, experience, but also fuckups.

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Great collective

We are proud of where we work. Part of offices is terase with sitting, girll and inspiraeing view, relaxing zone, Xbox, kitchen with coffee machine, fridge and plenty of refreshment like Coke, cofee, water or tea.

Why Karlín? It lives in Karlín and Karlín is becoming tech center of Prague. Strong IT community brings together here and Karlín has become startup center, small Prague Silicon Valley.

qest zmrzka
qest lidi
qest lahev

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