Who are we?


Qest is adventure. Coding is art, which beuty lies under the surface. We are explorers in the infinite world of aplications and software systems. We dive in to the deeps, so we can bring exceptional solutions to every client. Our code has irreplaceable taste: precise, tuned, based on mutual understanding. We provide unique experience to the user with our neat, intuitive and perfectly functional softawere. We create beauty and perfection under the surface. What's important, is invisible.

We are Qest

We are not just a provider of software solutions. Relations in our team or clients are based on trust and partnership. We develop amazing aplication, websites, software systems or smart homes for our clients, ambitious Czech start-ups, or corporates. Every day we work hard and move toward Success and satisfied client.



Human Centered Design

We handle every product individually. Our goal is to create design which is functional and handles real problems. we design and develop indiviual and gorgerous products.


Creativity and Inovation

We think difrently. We experiment and We are not afraid of trying new methods and solutions. Inovative thinking and creativity is what unite and push Us forward. We finish our creative concepts to the last detail.


Team work

We have more than 4 years of work and 40+ successful projects behind us. Our team is growing quickly, just like our ambitions. We hire people, ho has the ability to learn and inovate, they belive in team work and common growth and mainly: They love what they doing.


Efficiency is the base

We provide cost effective services and we emphasize with Client. The team is arranged as needed in project and our processes ensure high quality communication. Nominated team-leader we ensure the highest possible work efficiency.

Our team

Radek AlenkaCSO, Co-Founder
Radim ŠtěpaníkCTO, developer
Linda HubičkováHR
Anna KratochvílováLeader, Product Owner
Zdeněk DršťákCo-founder, software architect
Pepa VidlákFullstack developer
Dan ZatloukalFullstack developer

Qest HQ

We are proud of where we work. Part of offices is terase with sitting, girll and inspiraeing view, relaxing zone, Xbox, kitchen with coffee machine, fridge and plenty of refreshment like Coke, cofee, water or tea.

Why Karlín? It lives in Karlín and Karlín is becoming tech center of Prague. Strong IT community brings together here and Karlín has become startup center, small Prague Silicon Valley.


Would you like to look forward to monday just like us? Join Qest we love our High Quality work. We are looking for amazing people, who wants to learn, grow and work on interesting projects with the newest technologies. At this day there is over 30 Teammates in Qest. So there really is someone you can learn from. We are young team, but age is just a number. We value experience, responsibility, and passion for perfection. We are searching for people with the right attitude, you can learn the rest.

We really care about human relations, wheter its between coworkers or clients. we offer work in modern industry and chill atmosphere in stable company. Our product is „Team As a Service“ and as a team we often cooperate even afer work. #qestlife

We don't play just on our playground and we are not afraid of sharing our know-how in our Qeetups or Q-TON. We also publish our own podcast Qcast about modern technologies and programming.


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Mezi jedničkou a nulou — #30 Tom

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Mezi jedničkou a nulou — #28 Vláďa

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