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Books are being replaced by online content, the texts we write through online applications are abbreviated and in many cases in a language that mixes English and Czech. What if we wanted to start playing with words again, and what if there was an app for that, connecting the best professionals in speech therapy, illustration and coding? Slovohrátky is one of the start-up projects that Qest has supported and completely developed. The founders of this venture have a simple, yet laborious goal. They want to teach children to speak their native language better. All this through a mobile game for tablets. For the purpose of the game, exercises have been prepared based on many years of speech therapy practice by renowned Czech expert Mgr. Helena Kolbábková.






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We set our sights high

The priority of the project was not monetization, but resurrecting the original idea that the founders of Qest had encountered earlier in their tenure. Qest co-founder Radek Alenka did not want to let the Slovohrátky project's theme fade into the history of educational ideas. The initial idea of teaching correct speech was grasped with the support and investment of newcomers. In addition to Qest, speech therapist and special educator Mgr. Helena Kolbábková. The drawings for the individual exercises were created by her daughter Mgr. Eva Kusalová, also working as a special educator - speech therapist.


One of the main challenges of the whole project was to transfer the illustrations from paper to digital form in a way that preserved the author's handwriting and specific expertise. Uploading the images to the Android and iOS apps, and thus a range of devices, was challenging. A new, young team of people were involved in the development at the time of implementation. However, they handled their task with bravado.

Experience in the process

In retrospect, working on a project can be seen as a learning process. The issue of illustration and graphics was a new battleground for Qest. Part of the implementation was done with the help of gathering information from open sources on the internet. The young Qest team often had to struggle with problems that they are now perfectly capable of handling. At the time, Qest was tackling in-app purchases, for example, for the first time in this project.

The Qest team is still working on expanding and improving the Slovohrátky mobile game and counts it among its heart's affairs.


The result of Qest's work is a unique professional speech therapy app for children. It is available for Android and iOS tablets. It offers basic tasks based on small stories and games. The app features in-app purchases.

The most interesting element of the app is the original graphic design based on real illustrations, but also the significant educational focus combined with expertise and originality. This project has suitably expanded Qest's portfolio. What's more? It really makes sense!



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