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For the original project President 21, based on the Democracy 21 (D21) voting method by Czech mathematician and entrepreneur Karel Janeček, we have implemented the complete system. Demokracie 21 is close to us, we are one of its partner companies. This particular cooperation grew out of the small help of three employees. Eventually, we formed an independent team that worked for almost a year to complete President 21.

Prezident 21



Prezident 21


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Politics and Gamification

The strategy called gamification can be classified as a type of experiential marketing. One of the areas where the introduction of gamification elements is useful and beneficial is politics, and it is using the principles of gamification that the online game President 21 was built. It demonstrates in real time how the election of the President of the Czech Republic in 2018 would turn out if citizens easily nominated candidates and had three positive and one negative vote. The D21 method as a building block of the project not only allows for a broader consensus in the election. It also highlights a major controversy.


Slow start

Democracy 21's leadership initially demanded short-term assistance with implementation. However, Qest's work subsequently led to the overall transfer of communication and development to a newly created team dedicated specifically to the President 21 project. Qest's goal was to provide support and solutions for the project and to see the development of the game app through to the presidential election.

"We wanted to be part of an important project, to show its viability, the importance of the Karel Janeček method and the potential for the next election. " Martin Koperniech, co-founder of Qest


Challenges not only technological

For the first time, Qest's developers worked as a dedicated team away from their own premises and under the direction of the client. It was a management adjustment to work in completely new waters. But it was also the first opportunity to work with a large, experienced team. Thanks to the President 21 project, Qest has noticeably improved its SCRUM methodology and setup.

From a programming point of view, there were challenges in the form of large and impactful user accesses. Scalability, robustness of the solution and a cloud-based system were essential for the project. Newly, the Qest team worked with the AngularJS framework as part of the front-end implementation.


The strength of the team

The Qest team then gave the project their all. The team members mainly dealt with complicated communication and tried to close the gap between the product team and development. Often, changes to the brief were put in front of them right in the iteration with the work at hand.

The campaign for President21 was a success and Qest is proud of its team, who were instrumental in completing the project and bringing the original idea and method of innovator Janecek to life.


An onslaught of voters

The flood of users who tried to express their right to vote through the game was initiated several times by Czech superstar and leading man of Czech Instagram Leoš Mareš. His mentions and calls to vote for favourites on social media brought down a huge onslaught and ultimately boosted the developers' efforts and the functionality of the entire project.


Winning for the game

The number of participants in the first voting phase was 238,218 Czechs. Over the course of 338 days, 617 candidates were nominated. The second phase started on 24 November 2017 and recorded the participation of 164,867 Czechs. You can read the results of the President 21 online candidate competition directly on our partner's website. Here you can find out not only who won by the number of votes. The presentation of the results clearly shows interesting information about the website traffic, the structure of the awarding of votes, the participation of towns and municipalities and who was the most controversial candidate.





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