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What at first glance looks like a simple iOS and Android mobile app for Volvo owners, the so-called Volvista, is under the hood a perfectly fine-tuned, tailor-made CRM that offers contact details, clear information about the car, notifies of upcoming service appointments, but also allows, for example, video communication between the service department and the customer.






Web, Mobile


Enable direct communication between Volvo and the customer

The app gives Volvo owners all the service information they need in one place. No more searching for phone numbers on the internet: just open the app and know what to do.

If the car is already in the workshop, the app allows you to send a video to the service technician explaining all the suggested service actions. The notification will report this video to the owner, who can decide in seconds whether or not to approve the service.



Interviews were conducted with potential users and Auto Průhonice employees. Based on the results of these interviews, a design was created in cooperation with Status Quack. The application was further connected to the internal information system of Auto Průhonice.



The application is built on AWS or "Infrastructure as a Service" model. The backend part of the application is fully serverless, which means faster development for Qest developers, almost carefree infrastructure management, and moreover thanks to Lambda with $0 server costs.



The app also reminds Volvists of the expiration of their MOT or Volvista assistance card, or the end of their warranty. It contains basic information about the car and contacts to Auto Pruhonice employees and also serves as a communication channel for sharing new information.


Collaborating on Volvista was one of our first experiences with React Native. And because it was a very positive experience, it started a new phase of mobile development at Qest.


The entire system developed for Auto Průhonice includes the Volvista mobile application, React Native application for service technicians and an administrative system written in React. Through this administrative system, Auto Průhonice can manage the mobile application, update and add new information.

The system also allows communication with customers via newsfeed and service reminders. The service application allows technicians to record a video and inform the customer about planned service tasks.



React.js, React Native, Swift


Node.js, AWS, MongoDB, Kotlin

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