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A house full of magic, mystery and coding secrets, inhabited by the likes of Count Dracula, provides a haven for the Hunter Games mobile app. Hunter Games are interactive, geolocated, experiential games with a storyline where players solve a series of challenges and crack ciphers. Here, the digital environment connects with the real world, giving a new dimension to playing popular field games. The goal of each game is to complete a certain number of tasks, which may or may not be location-specific, in the shortest possible time. It's about fighting, having fun and winning!

Hunter games



Hunter Games


Android, iOS, Web

Play in the woods or even in Alaska

Hunter Games games are played using an app on your mobile device. What makes it special, however, is that you are not reliant on an internet connection for the game itself. Firstly, because the games are outdoor and often in locations out of signal range, but also because of the cost of roaming data. It was necessary to come up with an implementation that would allow games to be played from virtually anywhere. And we actually succeeded. Offline play is possible.



We did an extensive analysis of the existing system. We worked closely with the founders of the startup and designed a completely new system with completely new applications. We spent countless hours on the user interface design.



The simplicity and playability of the games, the quality of the game engine and the scalability of the system are key to the success of Hunter Games. That's why we created a platform with a game store at its core. The system allows indie developers to create and sell their games, which players and teams buy, play and rate. In this way, authors earn money and also value their creativity.



The design includes a simple and efficient editor in which game authors both create their games and respond to player requests and insights.

Cooperation with professionals

In the development of this project, it is an advantage that the founders are the authors of the games themselves and have extensive experience in their preparation and implementation. The Hunter Games project evolved from games manually prepared on paper (known as fighting games) and only then the idea of a game via a mobile device was born. So the guys from Hunter Games know exactly what they want and need.

Playing the game

For the Hunter Games project, Qest is creating web apps for authors, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and a presentation website, and the interface for end users - both game authors and players - will be in Czech and English.





PHP, RabbitMQ, MySQL, Sails.js

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