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There is seemingly nothing complicated about honey production, yet the result is a harmony for all the senses. Its taste, aroma, colour and material are a delight, an inspiration and a source of energy. It's the same when you want to create a simple and clear web or mobile app: to ensure that the result is just as harmonious, a number of professionals are involved in its creation, and each of them, just like in a beehive, has an unmistakable task.

The core idea of the BeeHousing project is to promote the honeybee, to make bee hive ownership more accessible to individuals and groups and, last but not least, to realise an extraordinary leisure and educational activity.

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Web, Mobile


The primary goal of the project was to promote and rent hives, communicate with customers and users, provide live information about the hives, keep basic statistics, and keep it fun and user-friendly.



Qest's task was to create a platform that would connect the various participants - registered customers and guests, administrators who set the parameters and hierarchy of the hives, and beekeepers. BeeHousing can then offer clients more than just ownership and production of their own honey through this platform. The intention of the project is to create a community, organise events and involve all those who would like to keep bees but lack the knowledge, financial and material resources to do so.



Based on the client's requirements, we have developed a system that allows individuals and groups to rent hives and beehives for a monthly fee, or just contribute as a donor without any profit or return on the money, and thus support nature. Customers can therefore get involved in a variety of ways - from donations, to annual rentals where the reward is sweet honey and activities including hive visits, to investment and active involvement in the project with a return.

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Experience: live stream

Clients were able to monitor their bee colonies online via a camera located in the area. The images from the cameras were transmitted in high quality directly to the user's mobile device.

Result: the whole system

The resulting BeeHousing platform includes a web application and an application server, as well as applications for Android and iOS mobile phones. The web application was developed for system configuration and management. The mobile apps are then oriented for purchasing, tracking and user communication.

The main functions allow for customer registration, overview of locations and hives for rent, keeping statistics for administrators; they also include billing and payment system, live streaming and viewing of rented hives, statistics for users, they also allow data entry by the beekeeper, communication with the beekeeper and sharing of hives.



React.js, Swift, Kotlin

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