Ulož.to is known as the largest Czech cloud storage for file sharing. File manager is an integral part of it, for which we develop the front-end.

For Ulož.to, we have already developed a new video player solution with functionalities that were not possible to implement in the previous version. The original solution had to bend a lot and the Ulož.to client was not happy with it. This collaboration opened the door to our next project, in which we are also working only on the frontend part, which is the online File Manager. Ulož.to had already implemented an online solution in PHP, however some functionality was missing, so users preferred the desktop version. The Ulož.to client then also approached us to create a new solution for the web application.








The original file manager solution was outdated and any maintenance or extension of the application was very time consuming. However, this is the backbone of the entire Ulož.to service, so a revamp of the application was inevitable. The goal was to create a modern web application for both computers and mobile devices that work differently for file management and editing.

The challenge for us was to design an online file manager that meets the requirements of a modern web application. Save.to is very strong on the backend, which we complemented with our frontend team. File Manager needed to address not only computers, but also tablets and mobile devices, which work differently for file management and editing.


In the framework of the cooperation we faced several challenges. What were they? For example:

  • Virtualizing a folder listing with several thousand items.
  • Handling a large number of events and their combinations - item selection, multiple item selection using selection rectangle, selection mode on mobile devices, drag and drop, context menu, keyboard shortcuts.
  • Application performance optimization.
  • Different behavior of mobile and desktop versions.


Until recently, we had project management in place with the client in the form of a kanban. We had daily morning stand-ups and regular status meetings where we summarized the delivered functionality and agreed on the outlook for the next tasks. As the frontend team expanded and more complex functionality was added, we agreed to introduce scrum. So currently we have regular meetings to present the individual functionalities and their pricing. As part of the planning, we will prioritize them and introduce them into the sprint. And at the end of it, we have a review and retrospective with the client. The daily stand-ups remain as they are.


The result is a functional platform for storing and structuring data that is close in behavior to a desktop file manager. Files can be displayed in two layouts - as a list or a grid. You can perform various operations on them (e.g. upload files, create new folders, copy,... ), but also change their visibility and share them via a link with other users. The application also features a folder tree and breadcrumb navigation. With its functionality and usability, it is a modern cloud storage.



TypeScript, React.js, Redux Saga

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