Knowing only the results is not enough

Being a fan of a football team means investing a range of emotions on a daily basis, from hope, to joy, to disappointment, sometimes to despair or euphoria.

The final score is not enough for a true fan. Sportlito is a news app that delivers match information in the form of stories, called Match Stories. These stories contain all the highlights of the match, captured by the best sports photographers live in the stadiums during the game.






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Stories and emotions

Information from sports is usually published in a neutral tone, only by number. Sportlito, however, delivers news focused on the fans and their emotions that are inherent to sport. When a team scores a goal, the fan gets excited. So the app delivers the information, complete with an emoji reflecting the fan's emotion. This is the core component of the app: the stories and emotions that a sports fan experiences.

screenshot of sportlito editor. Page has list of all curent stories ordered by clubs.


We have developed 3 applications for this product. The key part that works for all three applications is of course the backend that handles the processing of input information from for example Enetpulse, AFP and Reuters. The generated content is then further customized for the target platform and is available via APIs to the mobile app, CMS and future partners.

Above all, the functionality of the captions must be highlighted, which must be specifically generated for each team to deliver the appropriate emotion to the user, supported by the appropriate emoji. An exceptional function is fulfilled by artificial intelligence, whose task is to select the best photo for the moment, thus conveying the best experience to the user.



There is a very close collaboration with the client on this project. Since this is primarily an MVP, we work together in weekly iterations and have regular meetings that the client attends. Our team is made up of developers focused on Node and React with an overlap into React Native. As on most of our projects, communication outside of meetings is primarily through Slack or Google Meet video calls.



The basis is a React native app available for end users with iOS and Android phones. In it, fans can select the team they want to follow and then receive updates with highlights of the game. Another app delivers stories - highlights of the match that can be easily shared on social media using AMP technology. The product also includes an administrative environment for editors, who only make the final check that the information will be presented in the desired form and quality for the end users.



The mobile app developed with React Native for iOS and Android platforms uses GraphQL API. Special attention was paid to the app's UI/UX (e.g. advanced animations) and performance. The content administration system is powered by the standard React DevStack with real-time collaboration capabilities such as synchronizing changes between editors. The entire platform is built on a pure cloud solution, hosted on AWS with minimal operational costs that closely match server usage. The infrastructure and deployment itself is fully automated using CloudFormation/CDK.

purple football ball
Screenshot sportlito Gól
Screenshot of Sportlitos sunday feed. Robert Lewandowski scores four and rescues bayern munich late win over hertha berlin. 4 - 3
Screenshot of an applicattion Sportlito, Bayern Munich has won 2 - 0 and short text: Bayern Munich has a two goal cushion as Robert Lewadndowski strikes again! :D

Partner's opinion

"Fans don't watch sports for results and statistics. They watch it for the stories and emotions they can experience with the athletes and other fans. Above all, they want to be entertained. And if there's one thing the advertising world really knows, it's the ability to tell short stories and convey strong emotions in an engaging and attractive way." Antonín Parma, founder.


During the first 3 months of development, we delivered a working prototype for the initial phase of investment acquisition. The prototype focused on sourcing data from third party suppliers, basic processing into a more presentable form and then displaying it in the form of stories using AMP technology for easy sharing via web browsers.

We then developed the prototype into an MVP form that further extends the processing of data from third-party vendors and delivers it to fans in an attractive form in a mobile app. We also added a content management app for sports editors that is precisely tailored to the needs of editors.



TypeScript, React.js, React Native


Node.js, DynamoDB

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