Amazing Places

Qest has created a complex web application for the Czech Amazing Places project, which offers a range of functionalities. The main requirement of the founder of this unusual and successful venture revealing unusual, picturesque corners of the Czech Republic is the originality and integrity of the project.

amazing places

Before the customer of this exceptional project unlocks the door of his Amazing Place with a key, a whole series of invisible operations take place in the magical place of the web called PHP so smoothly that it is a real user experience for the user as well as for the partners of the site.




Amazing Places




What if you didn't have to go abroad for great service, comfort and beauty?

This is one of the main claims of the Amazing Places website. The project aims to introduce Czechs (and also foreign visitors) to interesting places in our country, whose services are of a high standard. "Amazing Places" - as the project presents itself in Czech - wants to inspire more visitors to local destinations.

In addition to providing information about unusual destinations, the initial brief was to enable a number of other functions, such as creating vouchers and verifying them. The entire system was designed for both B2B and B2C segments.



Qest did not face any major technical challenges in the development of the web application and website and the implementation of the system was not difficult. The main pitfalls of the project lay in the very specific idea of the demanding client. Finalizing the brief and dealing with frequent changes are complicated. By introducing detailed specifications and briefs, the collaboration has been able to continue very well.



Thorough analysis, prototyping and prototype debugging lead to successful project development. The development process also includes frequent meetings, demonstrations of the work and functionalities and intensive communication with the client. In the case of Amazing Places, the popular SCRUM was not used, but waterfall. Here again, the client's mindset was often the deciding factor in the choice of project management methodology.


Explore magical places

In cooperation with Amazing Places, Qest has created a very interesting, successful and beneficial project. Motivating Czechs to explore their homeland and spend enough time and money there is a great initiative. The website is a great way to introduce potential clients to a wide range of wonderful places. It includes a sophisticated system for generating, recording and verifying vouchers.


The website is aimed not only at visitors, but also at website partners. They have access to statistics on voucher usage. A new connection to booking has been implemented in the system and full automation of the invoicing process has been introduced, including the generation and pairing of documents.

The Amazing Places website also enjoys high traffic and carries huge potential. The project is ready for further expansion and awaits a redesign, this time completely under the direction of Qest.



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